Body Structure Training

Body Structure Training

This is the core training of CSL Wing Chun. This concept teaches the practitioner the “internal” structure of Wing Chun. All the movements, concepts and power energy training in CSL Wing Chun adhere to this method.

Power or Force originate from the ground uses a relaxed body and intent (the mind) as a conduit to facilitate, manage and amplify this force generation.

To be able to understand and apply the Body Structure method one has to develop and integrate the body – qi and mind. Each of these elements reinforce each other.

  • Body (physical shape, position and structure)
    • Develop a relaxed body and proper structure (shape) of all techniques and stances.
  • Energy (breathing, Qi, central nervous system) and
    • Proper breathing will slow down your nervous system that will have a profound effect on your mind and will further slow down your heart rate and brain waves.
  • Mind (intention and focus)
    • Only if one has developed their body and energy the mind can focus and reinforce on their intended action(s).

The student starts practicing Body Structure from day 1 of his training by integrating the physical body, energy and mind in each of the techniques and Wing Chun forms.