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Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore (詠春拳) is a practical combat oriented martial art and famously known for its Force Flow Method, the ability to absorb, redirect and issue power using optimal body vectors and kinetics. Our roots are in Yip Man Wing Chun  as taught by Hawkins Cheung to his main disciple GM Robert Chu Sau Lei.

The martial arts scene has changed a lot in the past 20 years with the rising popularity of MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai. Tradition is and always will be an important aspects of the art yet one must have an open mind to make your art functional and effective in today’s martial art world. If you don’t adapt you will not survive!

At our Wing Chun school we train with a small and dedicated group of male and female students, age is a good mix of young adults and more senior students. Safety is an important aspect for our students but at the same time we want to create challenging environment to learn Chinese Martial arts, self-defense and improve health and fitness.

“They say Wing Chun is easy, but can you do it?”  GM Hawkins Cheung

For more information about our training, syllabus and locations visit our other pages on this site.

Come and join us! We accept students of all levels and background, age 15 years and above.

Weekly Classes

  • Sunday morning 9-11 am at Bugis and Wednesday 8.30 -10 pm at Claymore Hill (Orchard)
  • New beginners classes every week at all locations.
  • Training fee is S$ 90 per month for 2 classes per week, single or walk-in class $ 30,-
  • One time enrolment fee $ 30 and get a free club T-shirt and training syllabus.
  • How to Join? Just come down to our class and complete the school enrolment form.
  • See our “Training Venue” page on this website for further information.



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