The Singapore National Wu Shu Federation organised an open San Shou tournament. Our Wing Chun Singapore school had three (3) students on the fighting card. We joined on 2-3 weeks’ notice

Our first competitor Gladdy (< 64kg) fought a very experienced opponent. He was much taller and exploited that height advantages very well in the clinch with his takedowns. He was one of the best contestants in the tournament, all kudos to him. Gladdy lost on points.

Boon Chun (<75 kg) fought a San Shou opponent from a renowned local San Shou school. It was a hard-fought battle, and both fighters did not bug down. Boon Chun used his body structure very well and was able to defend all takedowns by the San Shou fighter. The match could go either way, but in the 2nd round Boon Chun got a warning for alleged groin kicking. Probably that cost Boon Chun the match. Boon Chun lost on points.

Laval (<75 kg) fought an experienced Muay Thai fighter. He did an excellent job, angled very well when his opponent charged in and had the best of most exchanges. The Muay Thai fighter had a hard punch, but Laval had excellent timing and pressed the Muay Thai fighter all over the mat. Laval scored on takedowns and forced his opponent at least 8-10 times off the mat (2 points). It was a very dominant display of Laval, and he got a clear w.o.p over his opponent.

It was a great day, and we had good fun and dinner afterwards. A bit of mixed bag concerning the results but good feedback on where we stand in our training. A great learning experience!!

I wish to thank my teacher Sifu Alan Orr and our team, Thomas and Toh for their coaching assistance and our competitors Gladdy, Boon Chun

Boon Chun match versus San Shou competitor

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun joined San Shou Tournament


Steven Wang

Head Coach,

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore