By Steven Wang, March 2015

“Finger Pointing at the Moon”

This is a Zen quote made famous by Bruce Lee in the opening scene of “Enter the Dragon”.

The “moon” in this quote is the Truth or your Original Mind.  Your “finger” is the Teachings or explanation by someone about the Truth (“moon”).

People tend to discuss the “finger” (Teachings) when they refer to the Truth.  If you accept the finger as truth, you will find place where doctrines, half-truth’s and dogmas are born.

You will be misguided in finding the Truth or Reality.

In Buddishm, words and explanations are just an image or reflection of reality.  The Truth cannot be captured in words, one needs direct experience to understand the Truth.

There is a well-known quote from NLP that explains it. ”  The map is not the territory” Here the map (finger) is a reflection of territory (moon), not the territory itself.


“Don’t look at the finger or you will lose all heavenly glory” – Bruce Lee


All the best,

Steven Wang

Head instructor

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore