By Steven Wang, November 2015

In this video clip, Sifu Alan Orr explains the versatility of “Bong Sao” and how we can apply this technique in a live sparring exchange. Bong Sao or “Wing Hand” is a fundamental Wing Chun technique and mostly used in close quarter (chest to chest) fighting range.

In Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun system, we use different variations of Bong Sao: deflecting, collapsing and pressing. They do what their name suggests: re-direct, absorb pressure (collapse) and pressure.

In live sparring or fighting exchange, your techniques one cannot be stiff or one dimensional. You must have the ability to flow and change as the situation requires. Bong Sao with its variations and ability to flow into other techniques, is an excellent tool to meet these objectives.

Enjoy the video.

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Happy training,

Steven Wang,

Head Coach

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore