We introduced the Wing Chun Beginners Class Program about two years ago, from its beginning it has been a huge success!

The focus of this beginners class is the foundational Wing Chun techniques and how to apply them in a self-defence situation. You will learn the basic Wing Chun body structure methods, how to generate power with a relaxed body, not with brute muscular strength.

We will spend much of our time on proper punching techniques, defence and footwork. Further, you will learn how to use the Wing Chun hand techniques to escape holds and grabs. All very practical stuff!

You will also learn, the basics of Chi Sao (sticky hands) and the first section of SNT form, the blueprint of Wing Chun. Some students learn fast, and we can teach them the whole SNT form (!) Another essential element of our training is drills and light sparring. It is good fun and very popular with the students!.

After three months, we hope you enjoyed our training and will decide to continue learning this wonderful art. Check out our syllabus on this site; it gives you an idea of the comprehensive training program we can offer to our students.  Click here for more information about our training.

Our Syllabus

Our Training

Qi Gong

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Wang Sifu

Head Coach

CSL Wing Chun Singapore