Introduction to Wing Chun Singapore Striking

Wing Chun Kuen is a boxing system, a Chinese Boxing system. That is why at Wing Chun Singapore, we place much emphasis on developing striking skills. In any stand-up martial art, striking is a core application and a fundamental skill. No two ways about that, if you don’t have these skills, you have no business!

This is a first of a series of two (2) posts about “Eight Energy Strikes” (hereafter called 8ES). In this edition, I will discuss the 8ES system and its benefits in part two (2) of this post the training methods and applications.

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What is 8ES?

It is a set of eight (8) different energy strikes. What do we mean by “energy” strikes? With “energy” we imply the expression of the body and mind. How we use our body to generate different kinds of striking power (whipping, cutting etc.)

Note, it is “energy striking” not energy punching or boxing and for a good reason. Kung Fu has, unlike Western boxing, many types of strikes. We strike with a closed fist, fingers, edge of the hand, palm and so on. No matter the shape of your hand, you can express the strikes with the same energy. That is why we called it “energy strikes”.

The 8 strikes are:

Strike                                               Angle                     Energy 

  1.  Spring                                       Rising                       Spring
  2. Whipping                                  Outside in                Outside in
  3. Bouncing                                   Rising                       Spring
  4. Thrust                                        Horizontal               Thrusting
  5. Cutting/Piercing                      45 degrees angle     Cutting
  6. Back fist                                     Inside out                 Whipping
  7. Sink                                            Short strike               Sinking
  8. Explosive                                  Horizontal/ Rising   Fa Jing

As you see, each strike has a different angle and energy. I will further elaborate on the technique and application in part 2 of this post.

Over the years I met people saying, oh yeah like JKD or San Da, right? Well no, it is nothing like that. 8ES complies with the fundamental Wing Chun principles. Such as elbows down, don’t over commit, hips square etc.

What are the benefits?

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun is a system, not a style. The latter is a personal expression of a practitioner. A system is “a set of rules or principles, an arrangement of things, or a group of related things that work toward a common goal”. One cannot copy another man’s style, but everybody can learn a well-defined system.

One of the great benefits of 8ES is that it’s a well-defined training method. You can practice it by itself or integrate it with other methods or systems. Optimise and incorporate with other (sub) elements to create a synergy effect and a superior system.

For example, if you integrate 8ES, kicking methods and footwork, you have a complete long-range stand-up game. Our San Da system is just that. It is our Wing Chun system without the forms and chi sao.

Another advantage is that 8ES is an excellent teaching method. It is the first thing new students learn. It gives them a solid foundation in their Wing Chun training.

Six Core Elements Qi Gong

In 8ES, the practitioner uses his whole body to generate the energy of each strike. The basic principles of this training are part of our Six Core Elements Qi Gong training. Here the student learns how to relax his body and mind and how to express his energy from his feet to other parts of his body.

It takes patience and persistence to master these skills. At times it can be overwhelming or even intimidating. However, patience and persistence pay off. Instead of learning isolated techniques, students learn how to use their body, mind and breath to express them! That is real Kung Fu!

Final words.

In this post, we discussed the 8ES energy striking set. It is an integral part of our Wing Chun Singapore curriculum. 8ES is a robust and practical training method with realistic and practical applications. 8ES can easily be integrated into any standup martial arts. New students are taught 8ES from day 1 in their training. It gives them a head-start and a solid foundation in their Wing Chun training.

I cannot emphasise enough that in learning Wing Chun or any other martial arts for that matter. It is so important to integrate your body, mind and breath. We are not robots that execute a bunch of isolate techniques!

I will further elaborate on the techniques and application in part 2 of this post.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any comments.

Happy training,

Sifu Wang

Head coach CSL Wing Chun Singapore

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