The Wing Chun chain punch (Lien Wan Kuen  ) or “linked punches” is perhaps one of the most recognisable Wing Chun techniques. Well known and made famous in the Ip Man movies starring Donnie Yen.

Chain Punch explained

In the classic view, it is a series of rapid straight punches aimed at the centerline of your opponent. We practice the chain punch in the Wing Chun empty hand forms (SNT, etc.). It is very important to keep your proper form (elbows down, don’t drop your fist) to protect your line of attack when you execute the chain punch. It has its usage and application in Wing Chun, but it can expose you against other martial artists, especially against hook punches.

In my opinion, the classical chain punch is most effective as a “second technique”, used better after you have hit or compromised your opponent’s structure and defence.

We practice the classical straight-line chain punch with a more extended view of its application. It can be a combination of any punch, not necessary straight punches. For example, whipping, bouncing or spring punch.

For more information about our punching methods at Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun, see link below and this video from my teacher, Sifu Alan Orr.

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Wang Sifu, head coach

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore.

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