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Steven is the head instructor at Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore school.

Structure or No Structure

Alan Orr Sifu Wing Chun - Structure Or No Structure That Is The Question. The term ‘Structure’ or ‘Body Structure’ is being used to describe people’s explanation of why they do something as if by saying it’s the ‘structure’ then it will be right and [...]

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Chinese Boxing the Lost Art

Sifu-Alan-Orr-Chinese-Boxing-the-Lost-Art Excellent article from my teacher, Sifu Alan Orr. Wing Chun is more than Chi Sao, it is a stand-up martial art. A (Chinese) boxing art. Key point is: your training must be alive not compliant to develop real skills. It's how you [...]

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Wing Chun Singapore 6-13-3 introduction course

      Last weekend, August 13 & 14  we organized the "Wing Chun Singapore 6-13-3 introduction course" for our senior students. 6-13- 3 is a model for learning and analyzing Chinese Internal Martial Arts. It's name is an acronym for 6 Core Element, 13 States [...]

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Defending the gates     Some raw footage from our Sunday morning beginners class. Our students having fun practice " defending the gates" gloves drill.   Cheers Steven Wang Head coach Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore      

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