Improve your martial posture (part 2) – Six (6) Harmonies (六和)

Introduction This post is about the 6 Harmonies (六和). A Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) concept of how to unify your body. Harmony means “working together” to create something bigger than the individual parts. That is what this concept is all about。 In an earlier [...]

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Improve your martial posture (Part 1) – The Central Channel (中定)

  A functional and unified body is an important aspect of any sports activity. It allows you to be more efficient, functional, and better prepared to achieve your athletic goals. In this post, I want to discuss the Central Channel (中定) a traditional Chinese martial [...]

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Wing Chun Singapore 2 Months Beginners Course

  Wing Chun Beginners Course We introduced the Wing Chun Beginners Course about three (3) years ago; from its beginning, it has been an enormous success! The focus of this beginner's class is to learn the foundational Wing Chun techniques and how to [...]

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Introduction to 8ES In my previous post, I discussed what is the Wing Chun Singapore Energy strikes system (8ES) and what are its benefits for learning Wing Chun. In this second edition, I will discuss “how to train” 8ES.  I will use the LIST training [...]

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Introduction to Wing Chun Singapore Striking Wing Chun Kuen is a boxing system, a Chinese Boxing system. That is why at Wing Chun Singapore, we place much emphasis on developing striking skills. In any stand-up martial art, striking is a core application and a fundamental [...]

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Wing Chun Singapore: LIST a method to learn Wing Chun

Learning Wing Chun or any martial arts for that matter can be a daunting task. It is easy to hit the ceiling in your practice and get lost in the forest of details. When this occurs, students often lose confidence in their training, and many [...]

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