Chinese Boxing

Chinese Boxing

Whilst the forms and Chi Sao provide us the foundation and preparation of our training, in Chinese Boxing (Wing Chun Boxing) we practice the actual application of our Wing Chun.  Gloves training (boxing or MMA gloves) are an import part of this training.

 1 ) Foundation training

In foundation training we focus on perfectiong our basic techniques (sharpen our swords). The aim is to refine each technique and be able to integrate and flow seamlessly with other techniques. Beginning students will spend majority of time learning the basics. We follow the principle of seperate and combine. For instance a student learns how to punch then learns footwork. The next step is how to learn and practice how to punch with footwork.

In any sports or art without a proper foundation you will never progress. (!)

2) Drills and application

We are no fans of 100’s of drill and applications, a few will do and then you must apply!

Drills are use full, they teach you’re a certain move or habit and muscle memory. In other words, you train that drill to master a certain move and getter better at it!  But when know the drill, you should move on and it makes no sense to develop 20 variations on the same theme.

Same is with applications of techniques, it makes no sense to practice ten solutions for the same “problem”. It is just eating up class time! The forms provide us all the concepts and applications we need. No need to look further!

We practice with focus mitts, heavy bags, partner drills etc. with or without boxing gloves, Gloves training is an important element of what we do, here we learn to develop a sense of distance, how move and punch with power in a relaxed manner.

3) Sparring/ Sanshou

In Wing Chun as a martial art the ultimate objective is to be able to apply the martial arts techniques for self-defence or San Shou (free fighting). All the training elements we discussed before body structure – forms – chi sao are “preparation “for our Sanshou or sparring practice.

In sparring (Sanshou) we “apply and test” what we have learned in other areas of our Wing Chun training.

In sparring or fighting scenario anything can happen, it is not “painting by the numbers” and you must be able to deal with a certain level of “stress and pressure”. To teach students how to deal with pressure we train progressively, start slowly and over time build up the pressure. In this manner the student can build up his fitness and grow in confidence to apply what he has learned.

Safety is our first concern, students must wear protective gear and teacher/ senior students are always refereeing to safeguard student’s well-being.