Here is our list of most Frequently Asked Question. 

At what age can one start learning Wing Chun?

One can start learning Wing Chun at any age but we don’t accept students younger then 15 years.

Where are your training locations?

We have classes in Upper Thomson and Bugis (next to Bugis Mall)  

Click here for directions and class schedules.

I am a beginner, which classes can I attend? 

All beginners start start their first classes at our location in Bugis. After one has mastered the basics – usually 2-3 months – you can train twice a week at both of our locations for the same monthly fee of $ 90 per month. 

How can I enroll for classes ?

Come to our training venue, complete the application form and pay your training fee.

What attire should I wear for training? Do I have to buy a uniform or other equipment.? 

You can train in sports attire (T-shirt) with sport shoes. You dont need to buy an uniform, only after 1-2 months your should buy boxing gloves and shin protectors. 

Is Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun different from “other” Wing Chun?

Nearly all Wing Chun practiced outside of China originates from Great GM Yip Man and so does Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun. In terms of techniques, principles and forms CSL Wing Chun does not differ from “other” Wing Chun.

We think the difference is “how you train” in CSL we emphasize body structure and functional training methods. The body structure method is incorporated in all Wing Chun forms and techniques. After your basic training period (6 months +) conditioning and sparring drills are necessary to make your Wing Chun functional (make it work).

All students receive a detailed syllabus of all the techniques and requirements for their training level to enhance their understanding and progress in the art.

Is Wing Chun difficult to learn?

Wing Chun has no acrobatic movements nor does it require physical strength and in that sense it is easy to learn. On the other hand Wing Chun is a very sophisticated martial art and requires patience and persistence to master. 

What are the characteristics of Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a principal based martial art, all concepts and techniques must adhere to those principles. The main principles are:

Practical (it most work) – Efficiency (4 once to move 1000 kilos) – Economy of Movement and Center Line Theory.

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun emphasizes body structure, what is body structure?

Body structure or body skill is the ability to absorb, redirect and expel energy (power). These skills are essential to make your techniques “work”. We teach our students from day one body structure and how to use the whole body to generate power “from the ground” much like the internal arts such as Tai Chi and Ba Gua.

What is Chi Sao or sticky hands?

This is an important exercise in Wing Chun it trains your close range combat skills and to feel the intentions of your opponent (Ting Jing).  By keep in contact with your opponent (“sticking’) his intensions are “sensed’ by your central nervous system and this enables you to respond faster.

Where can I get more information about Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun?

You can check out other pages, articles and videos on our website, especially the articles page will give you more in-dept information about the training methods of CSL Wing Chun.