Our Instructors

This is our experienced team of instructors, dedicated to helping you make your learning experience at our school both engaging and effective.

Steven Wang - head instructor at Wing Chun Singapore

Steven Wang

Steven Wang is the head instructor of CSL Wing Chun in Singapore. Steven is a lifelong martial artist enthusiast, as a child, he started practising Judo and Shaolin Kempo for more than 20 years. Before he met Alan Orr Sifu who introduced him to CSL Wing Chun he also practised Bak Mei Kung Fu (White Eyebrow), Wu Style Tai Chi, Wing hun (Yip Chun lineage), Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Integrated Eskrima.

Steven is proud to be a student of world-renowned masters such as Sifu Alan Orr (Wing Chun), Guro Mark Wiley (Eskrima) and Daoist lineage Master Bruce Frantzis (Wu Style Tai Chi, Qigong). Steven now fully dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience in CSL Wing Chun and qigong to all who are interested.

This is some of his achievements.

  • 12th Level CSL Wing Chun instructor
  • 12th Level CSL San Da instructor
  • Certified MMA CSL striking coach.
  • Certified  Yik Kam 1850 Ancient Siu Nim Tao Instructor
  • Certified Yik Kam 6-13-3 Qi Gong Instructor
  • Certified Instructor Circling Hands / Heaven & Earth Qi Gong Instructor under Bruce Frantzis.
  • Wu style Tai Chi instructor under Bruce Frantzis.
  • 2nd Level Guro Instructor Integrated Escrima under Mark Wiley.
  • Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu self-defence graduate.
  • CSL Wing Chun Kettlebell Instructor.
Thomas Wing Chun Singapore

Thomas Chew

Thomas is a Level 10 Assistant Instructor and has been training CSL Wing Chun for more than 10 years. He has been training martial arts for more than 30 years and holds black belts and 2nd dan degrees in both Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Thomas also completed CSL 6-13-3 Qi Gong course in Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

Thomas likes to compete and has joined many local and international tournaments.

Laurence Chua

Laurence is an 8th Level Assistant Instructor and has been training CSL Wing for more than 7 years. He began training  Chinese Martial Arts in his early teen. He practised, Southern Shaolin, Praying Mantis and Fujian White Crane, the latter for more than 10 years.

He is now fully dedicated to learning and teaching CSL Wing Chun.

Ronnie Yeo

Ronnie is an Assistant Instructor at CSL Wing Chun. He has been doing Wushu under Singapore Zhong Wai Zhou Jia Quan Association for more than 10 years and is a Black Belt and Instructor under the Singapore Traditional Wushu Federation.

Ronnie has also participated in various Wushu competitions. Ronnie has been training CSL Wing Chun for the past 5 years and also completed the CSL 6-13-3 Qi Gong course in Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

He enjoys studying Chinese martial arts and applying their principles to his daily life.

Gladdy Qui

Gladdy Qui Wing Chun Singapore Gladdy is a Level 8 Assistant instructor at CSL Wing Chun. He has been training Wing Chun for more than 8 years. Gladdy used to train Tae Kwon Do for more than 12 years and holds a black belt 2nd dan. Gladdy joined several local and international Tae Kwon Do and San Da tournaments.

He is now fully dedicated to practising and teaching Wing Chun.