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In Wing Chun circles Chu Sau Lei (CSL) Wing Chun is renowned for its Six Core Elements training, a power and energy training method to develop the body as a platform to absorb, re-direct and expel force.

Wing Chun is said to be “easy to learn” and a practical martial art. It only has three (3) empty hand form and three (3) forms on the Wooden Dummy, Pole and Butterfly knives. Compare this to other Chinese Martial arts like Choy Lay Fut that claimed to have more than 200 empty hands and weapon forms. Perhaps that this is one of the main reasons why Wing Chun has become so popular.

“They say Wing Chun is easy”

“But can you do it?”

GGM Hawkins Cheung

Roughly speaking our Wing Chun training can be divide in the following training areas:

CSL Wing Chun Training Areas

Six Core Elements and Force FlowThis training is our core training and affects every part of our Wing Chun training.
Wing Chun formsSiu Nim Tao, Cham Kiu, Biu Tze, Wooden Dummy and Wing Chun weapons Pole and Knives
Chi Sao trainingSensitivity or “sticky hands” training
Chinese BoxingFoundation training, drills and applications, sparring / sanshou

In Wing Chun as a martial art, the ultimate objective is to be able to apply the martial arts techniques for self-defense or San Shou (free fighting).

Of course learning a martial can give you many other benefits such health, confidence, a relaxed body/mind etc. All good and valid reasons to learn Wing Chun!

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