Qi Gong

Six Core Elements (SCE) is the core training of Chu Sau Lei (CSL) Wing Chun. It is a template and method of learning Qi Gong and Chinese Martial Arts. This concept teaches the practitioner the “internal” structure of Wing Chun.

Why is it important to learn SCE? It is important because if you want to learn martial arts – or any other sport – you need to understand and develop the right body type, strength and momentum play to maximize your performance. Sports have a different “body, strength type and objectives” required for what they want to achieve. For instance, a tennis player is different from a weightlifter.

The SCE method teaches you how to develop the right body type for learning Chinese Martial arts. Its core training is to develop the:

  • 1) body 2) mind, 3) breath 4 qi(energy) 5) strength and 6) momentum element.

The first four (4) elements are the so-called Qi Gong elements, the 5th and 6th elements is the application elements. You must practise them in a progressive order, first the body then the mind etc. They reinforce each other, for instance, if your body is tense, your mind and breath also cannot relax etc.

The first stage of learning SCE is to develop and integrate the body, mind and breath.

Body (physical shape, position and structure)

  • Develop a relaxed body and proper structure (shape) of all techniques and stances.

Mind (intention and focus)

  • Only if one has developed their body and energy the mind can focus and reinforce on their intended action(s).

Energy (breathing, Qi, central nervous system)

  • Proper breathing will slow down your nervous system that will have a profound effect on your mind and will further slow down your heart rate and brain waves.

The second phase of SCE training is to develop the strength and momentum element. In the strength element, we learn “Jin” short power (energy type strength) and “Li” long (body type strength).

The momentum element is all about fighting concepts and strategies such as footwork and application of Wing Chun fighting strategies in the four combat zones (long fist, sticky hands, stick body and ground).

SCE is not a mystical concept that you only will learn after 10 years of training. On the contrary, you will learn the basic concepts and drills on the first day of your training. We teach simple techniques and drills to relax your mind and body, deep breathing and how to coordinate these elements when you practice Wing Chun techniques, forms, chi sao etc.

This is a short introduction into SCE but we hope you understand that is a very important practice for learning Wing Chun. It is a roadmap and concept that will enhance your overall learning experience and progress in Wing Chun.