Being an officer in enforcement work for 15 years, I feel that CSL Wing Chun is practical and effective. It encompasses all that is needed for street self-defense. What I like about CSL Wing Chun would be that it is a traditional Chinese martial arts which evolved using modern training methods but in accordance to the traditional concepts of classical Wing Chun so that it stays relevant and functional to be used in a fight.

Being a private student of Sifu Steven, I can safely assure you that Sifu is very patient and detailed in explaining a certain concept or technique. He would use the simplest of examples to relate which makes me easier to grasp the meaning of the concept and the modern application of it. He is very attentive and focused in teaching such that he will be able to spot your mistake and guide you through step-by-step till you can do it correctly. At the same time, he teaches the art in a relaxed manner which makes the training enjoyable though it can be quite a fun challenge at times. If you are looking for a martial art to train, look no further; CSL Wing Chun is the art you will not regret learning!

In time to come, I hope to be able to help Sifu in teaching this art so as to preserve and pass down this effective martial art to the next generation.