I first met Sifu Steven back in 2009. Back then i already have 12 years of training in Southern Shaolin and was exploring different lineages of Wing Chun. I was intrigued by the CSL Wingchun taught by Sifu Steven because there is a wonderful balance of modern (Conditioning, pad works… ) and traditional (Form, Qigong…) training methodology. I heard a lot about Wing Chun’s ability for the weaker to defeat stronger opponent. But none of the school i had visited before was able to articulate the concepts as clearly and concise compared to Sifu Steven. At CSL Wing Chun I was introduced to the Body Structure training which holds the key to among other things, effectively absorb pressure from a heavier and stronger opponent and issue powerful strikes. I can attest for the afore-mentioned because i had successfully dealt with a physically larger and stronger Dutch Wing Chun practitioner. After a few years of training absence due to work, I am now back training with Sifu Steven and if you are looking for traditional kung fu complemented with a modern training methodology. I cannot recommend Sifu Steven and CSL Wing Chun enough. In CSL Wing Chun, we don’t just seek to understand the knowledge but we apply it under pressure testing. You are getting the real deal kung fu here!