I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned Wing Chun in Sydney for a number of years, learning from and training with some strong, dedicated practitioners.
Upon moving to Singapore nearly 3 years ago, I wanted to continue my practice and study while juggling a work and travel schedule. After some trial and error, I came across Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Singapore and Sifu Steven Wang and I haven’t looked back since.
Sifu Steven is an extremely dedicated student of the martial arts with a very strong foundation in Wing Chun in the Yip Man Wing Chun lineage as taught by Hawkins Cheung and further developed by Robert Chu Sau Lei.  Additionally, he has a strong foundation in Chinese boxing, Qi Gong and Eskrima.
In spite of his knowledge, experience and years of practice Sifu Steven is a softly spoken, patient and skillful teacher who genuinely has passion for his students’ development in the martial arts.
In the year or so that I have trained with Sifu Steven’s school, I have seen strong development in my overall body structure, relaxation and have been delighted to layer in some Chinese boxing onto my Wing Chun base.