I am 52 this year, this is my 12th year training under Sifu Steven Wang in Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun. After 12 years of dedicated training in Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun under Sifu Steven, I very much still feel like a new student, always acquiring new knowledge, having new experiences and more ways to apply what I have learnt, or perhaps I should say unlearn. What is different now, is that I am able to join more dots together than I did, 12 years ago. Sigung Alan, likes to use the term layers, I begin to appreciate what this means. I am all for it, the constant focus on building strong foundations, making the training as practical as possible, making sure that our stuff works! I am looking forward to more good years, to continue sharpening my skills. I look forward to sharing this experience with you, come join me and experience Practical Wing Chun, Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun!