Having been through (practically) a life time of martial arts training since I was 13yo (Secondary 1), I chose CSL’s Wing Chun (particularly) after watching the videos of Sifu Steven Wang’s training style and demonstrations.
I have to say that I did attend an introduction to Wing Chun course back in year 2000 but I didn’t jell with that somehow, and I dropped out. This is my second attempt.
My search is to adopt an art that will allow me to handle close quarters combat comfortably and practically other than my Aikido training and knowledge (which is good with their non-antagonistic stance in engagement). This is because I am searching for something more “wash and wear” kind of close-quarters engagement, (unlike Aikido), something that I can execute instinctively without much fanfare … and I saw it in Sifu Steven Wang’s movements. His ability to frustrate our natural attempts to remain standing when grappling in close quarters is amazing, and it is always executed so effortlessly,. He advises me to “hide your center and identify your opponent’s center” … I am still hiding mine (under more layers of clothes) and searching for my opponent’s center (with a magnifying glass)!

I know that in time, with Sifu’s patience and guidance, this elusive ability might finally reveal itself and this old man will finally find what I need, and I will be able to handle close-quarters combat as effortlessly as my Sifu can.

In closing, I wish to share an important note and this is what I have experienced from my numerous martial arts classes of over 6 decades … this is a very close knitted group and there are no animosities detected. Training is like among close friends with due respect all round … this is an important point, believe you me. Happy trainings!