Wing Chun is a kind of easy-yet-not-so-easy martial arts. From this course, we learn many different kind of techniques for both attack and defence. Every single stance was carefully designed and incorporated with kickboxing style, effective strategy to attack, yet with safety precaution to mininize injury. Sifu would break it down into bite size for us to easily understand the meaning of every single movement. The basic “Chi Sao” and “Siu Nim Tao” weigh more than what they actually appears, as they are some of the most important movements of Wing Chun.

I have learnt so much more after every lesson and Sifu would make his class very interesting each time by introducing the different kind of bonus techniques. He never fail to make us “feel” what our opponent would feel if we attack them correctly (or wrongly) through demonstratrations.

Over and above his techniques, Sifu Steven Wang is actually a very patient and humble man we’d always respect. He is also very approachable for advices on how we can “fight” better without having to compromise on safety, which is very important in the martial arts world. Working together with him is his lovely and supportive wife Simu, who would always shower us with love and care by baking some nice yummy tarts for us.

[Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun] is always full of fun and warmth. I always feel welcomed in this group of Wing Chun family. I am definitely recommending this most authentic Wing Chun school!