Just before 2019 CNY on February 4, we heard the sad news of the passing of GGM Hawkins Cheung, He was one of Yip Man’s original students and a good friend of Bruce Lee. He was also the teacher and close friend of our Grandmaster Sigung Robert Chu.

GGM Cheung was born in Hong Kong in 1940 and grew up in a rather affluent family. Hong Kong at that time was rather poor and underdeveloped.  He started training Wing Chun under Yip Man in 1954, he was 13-14 years old. There he met his old High School friend Bruce Lee. They remained close friends and kept in touch with each other until Brue Lee’s unexpected passing in 1973.

After High School, GGM Cheung went to Australia to attend college. He returned to Hong Kong in 1962 to continue his training under Yip Man till his death in 1972.

In the late ’70s, GGM Cheung immigrated to California, the USA where he continued to teach his style of Wing Chun until his recent passing.

GGM Cheung was a lifetime martial arts devote, besides his passion for Wing Chun he also was also a 3rd dan Go-ju Karate and a Wu Style Tai Chi master. He was one of the original Yip Man students and lived, trained during that illustrious period in Hong Kong when Wing Chun spread to  the rest of the world. The Wing Chun community as a whole will surely miss this great martial artist

Rest In Peace GGM Hawkins Cheung  1940-2019

Sifu Steven Wang


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